Who I Work With

My clients are small business owners looking to grow their business and who need external help to achieve their personal and business goals. I work for businesses and charities, with start-ups and established companies.

What I Do

I bring my extensive business experience to partner with my clients, providing practical and relevant solutions to make them more successful.

A few examples of how I could help you:

Health Check

An assessment of your business, looking at your strategies for growth, how you run your business on a day-to-day basis and how you manage yourself and your employees.

What's in it for you

Performance Management Review

An analysis of how you manage performance across your business (e.g. financial, customers, projects, people) and where these fit with your business goals and objectives.

What's in it for you

Mentoring and Coaching

Regular or ad hoc opportunities for you to get unconditional advice or support to help you maintain focus on your personal and business goals.

What's in it for you


Case Studies

Example Small Business Case Study

Give an overview here of what you did for the company to introduce the case study.

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