It all comes down to results in the end. We’ll agree up front what you’ll get from me, track progress along the way and confirm that you’ve got what you expected from me. And I’ll always connect the value of what I do for you with how it will impact the financial performance of your business.

I am your part-time business partner with the experience to help you unlock opportunities and issues. I’m someone you can count on for honest, meaningful support. Someone who has your best interests at heart and who will be direct when I see you are taking the wrong path. I am committed to helping you become more successful and making your life easier. I aim to build lasting relationships with all my clients.

I promise to keep things simple, straight-forward and grounded in reality. Everything will focus on what makes a meaningful difference to you and your business. I avoid jargon and try to use language which resonates with you and your team. I’ll use tried-and-tested ways to improve your business performance, adapted so they’re relevant for your world.

My Approach

My approach is to start with a free-of-charge meeting where we would explore areas of opportunity or issues you need help with. I would then propose how I can best support you, whether it’s short, to-the-point guidance to solve a problem quickly, or deeper analysis into more complex challenges. I’m also there for the journey, providing ongoing expertise to maintain momentum or as additional resource as and when you need it.

My Methods

With my years of experience in successful, fast-moving organisations, I know how to use tools to unlock change and performance quickly. I recommend the use of frameworks and performance measures sparingly and never use process for process’ sake. I’m available for quick answers to your questions and I won’t bombard you with emails and complex documents. We’ll agree the best way to share, develop and implement change at the start of any work I do for you.

My Fees

I provide a personal and tailored service and agree fees before I work with you in any capacity. No hidden charges, transparent payment plans and the option to retain me for regular, ongoing support.

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